Why would a child need to come in for a Chinese Medicine appointment?

Children grow and change incredibly fast. Because of this their qi can get out of balance quickly causing numerous imbalances, but that also means they go back into balance quickly. Children respond incredibly to Chinese Medicine.

The most common things kids come in for a Qi Wellness appointment for are: excessive temper tantrums, anxiety, digestive issues, nightmares, building immunity, delayed development, working through emotional life changing events (divorce, death, moving, etc.), and illnesses that won’t go away or keep coming back again and again.  

Other things children come in for are ADD and ADHD issues, growing pains, sleeping issues, jaundice, and any other imbalance that pops up. 

Qi Wellness sessions are incredibly gentle – utilizing tuning forks on the meridians and points (meaning I use vibration versus needles). Kids find it fascinating and usually end up giggling and wanting to play with the forks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to not only help your child with whatever imbalance they are experiencing but also to empower them with the knowledge that there are many different ways to help the body come into balance and they don’t have to be scary or painful.  

Need to book an appointment for your child? Check out more details here.

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