Happy Clients

I was introduced to a non-invasive treatment for mind, body, and soul called Acutonics. Sound. Vibration. Energy. It felt like ancient knowledge, reclaimed. So grateful that Jenna is keeping this medicine alive and offering it to our community.
Had my first - of what I plan to be many- sessions today with Jenna. Dug deep and feel like I have started to let go past (present?) fear, sadness, and uncertainty. She guided me through it all and left me in a lighter, more open space.
Jenna and her sound have helped me tremendously on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. As someone who did acupuncture for a few years, I wasn’t aware that sound could be so potent and in many ways more effective than needles. The sound allows me to fall into a state of deep relaxation in order for healing to really occur. The forks, chimes, and bowls that Jenna uses have helped me with chronic jaw pain, digestive issues, and hormonal balancing. We have also worked on releasing trauma and letting go of things that I feel no longer serve me. I’m able to see results after every session. Jenna always says that the sound is doing the work, but her knowledge, passion, and genuine care allow me to feel safe and taken care of. I treat each session with Jenna as dedicated time for self care; I always leave feeling more balanced and connected to my self. I truly believe that acutonics is advanced healing technology and would urge anyone who’s interested to give it a try!