Reiki & Herb Classes and Workshops

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Virtual Herbal Exploratory

This online class focuses on one Western herb per month in accordance with the Chinese 5 Element theory. February through April focus on kidney, liver, and gallbladder health along with the emotions fear and anger and our ability to move forward in life. In each class we will go over:

-5 Element Theory and Why it can help you transform your health

-Meridian theory and how it can help you determine the root cause of health imbalances-In Depth with One Herb
      -History            -Energetics                                         -Planetary Connection            
      -Usage              -Emotional/Essence Properties       -Some Herbal Companions

Participants will then spend the next month incorporating that herb into their life in different ways to get to know it on a personal level (we will brainstorm different ideas in class). The next month will start with sharing our experiences and then discussing the next herb. Participants will have access to a group Slack where they can talk and share throughout the month as well.

Class is once a month for 1-1.5 hours. Classes will be recorded and participants will have access to them for 1 month. $35 per class.

Classes are Fridays starting at 5pm PST:

  • Friday, June 28th – Angelica Root
  • Friday, July 26th – Rhodiola

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Reiki Training

Learn how to be a Reiki practitioner with Jenna. Classes are offered both as a small, public group or privately. Public classes are maxed out at 6 people.

Want to learn more about Reiki classes and why you might consider being a Reiki practitioner? Click here to read my blog post on that very topic!

Level 1

Dates: TBA

Level 1 is a one day training where you begin your Reiki journey. Over the course of four hours you will learn the 101 of Reiki and the ethics of energetics, receive an attunement, and practice Reiki and techniques for energy work. You will leaving feeling comfortable with your ability to practice on yourself and your family, friends, pets, and plants. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Early Bird Pricing for a Level 1 public class per person is $225 up until April 20th. After that it will be $275 per person. Public classes there is a max of 4 people per class. 3 person minimum.

For a private class it is $675 for up to 3 people. For each additional person it will be an additional $225.

Level 2

Dates: TBD

Level 2 takes place over 4 days. Each of the 4 days will have a three hour training where you will receive another attunement, deepen your understanding of Reiki, learn to work on clients and how to incorporate Reiki with other modalities to enhance your practice, learn distance Reiki, and go deeper into the ethics of energetics.

Pricing for a Level 2 public class per person is $525. For a private class it is $1575 for up to 3 people. For each additional person it will be an additional $525.

Level 3



Level 3 is the master training where you deepen your understanding of yourself and learn how to teach Reiki. The training takes place over a 9 month period and is $2700 dollars. The master level is not taught as a public training.