Jenna Dennis

I grew up a typical 90s kid – listening to boy bands and loving putting butterfly clips in my hair that I rocked with jelly sandals. But once I hit puberty I developed a rare illness. It was painful, scary, and I was told by specialists that the likelihood I would recover was less than 50% and as an adult I would need to live in a bubble: I couldn’t have a job, probably shouldn’t have children, and I needed to avoid stress at all costs because if I didn’t I was more like to become sick again. This created so much fear in me. I was now anxious about being stressed. I felt that my body had betrayed me and that it would just spontaneously get sick whenever. My body was a total mystery to me. My cycles became atrocious to the point my parents would ask me if I needed to go to the ER. Anxiety, insomnia, depression were now these huge things in my life.

Alternative modalities ended up bringing my body back into balance. I wanted to understand what happened to me so I wouldn’t have to live in fear. So after I got my B.A. at UC Davis I started taking a clinical herbalism program with Kathi Keville and Dr. Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac in 2016. Around the same time I started to become a Reiki practitioner. I uncovered so much about the body and how it works. My body was no longer a complete mystery and I didn’t have the fear I used to that I would just spontaneously get sick. Because I learned that I did not spontaneously get sick. There was a huge build up to my illness and I wasn’t listening to what my body was saying. The more work I did on myself the more I uncovered, including childhood sexual trauma. But the gentle tools I just learned helped me deal with it and start transforming the trauma.

I continued on with my training through the Acutonics program in 2017. Delving into Traditional Chinese Medicine. I continued to learn and practice with my tools where I specialized in sexual trauma, hormones, pediatrics, pain, and digestive issues. Around 2020 I felt I had hit a plateau with my clients. I didn’t understand why my Chinese Medicine wasn’t working exactly the way it should. I started searching and thankfully fell into Classical Chinese Medicine. I have found it to be  simpler, more effective, and I can teach my clients simple tools to use at home to create a greater autonomy over their own body.