How to deal with excessive temper tantrums naturally.

Temper tantrums with children are a totally normal part of the maturation process. However, when they get out of control and they become unmanageable I have found in my practice that, from a Chinese Medicine perspective, it is a liver imbalance. 

I’ve seen a number of children where temper tantrums are multiple times a day– to the point where the parents have a hard time taking their child into public, or the child is now large enough that it becomes a safety concern for the parents or both. In these cases working with the liver qi has been essential and has calmed the situation drastically back to ‘normal’ maturation temper tantrums. 

Being a kid is hard. They’re constantly growing and every emotion feels so big because everything is a new experience. In Chinese Medicine the liver rules the tendons, meaning for growing children their liver is working incredibly hard to help their tendons grow strong and be flexible. For some, this amount of work for the liver may lead to being out of balance. 

Chinese Medicine believes when the liver is out of balance people express more anger. So you can see how if the liver qi is already stressed helping children grow at an incredible rate there will be temper tantrums. If these temper tantrums are happening excessively consider booking a Qi Wellness appointment. Sessions use gentle tuning forks on the body, not needles, and kids are fascinated by them. Tibetan bowls, Reiki, herbs, flower and gem essences, and nutritional guidance may be included in the session depending on your child’s needs and comfort levels.

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