How to make the most out of herbal tea for your health


There are many different ways to make tea and none of them are wrong. If you are looking to get the most medicinally out of your herbs here are some recommended tips:

– Toss the tea bags and buy in bulk – lots of herbalists love to joke that tea bags killed the herbalist. It gets a good chuckle because the amount of herbs in a tea bag is usually very small (aka not as heavy on the medicinal side). Opt for tea strainers which can hold larger amounts of herbs. 

-Using roots or hard berries? Bring those to a boil and then turn down to a simmer for 10 to 20 minutes. You can reuse these until there is no flavor left. No flavor, no medicine. (Same goes for leafy/flower material as well)

– Using both roots/hard berries and leafy/flower material? Boil and simmer the roots/hard berries first and then once you turn the stove off add the leafy material to steep. 

-Need to drink lots of tea but don’t have the time to make it throughout the day? Make a big pot on the stove — tea will keep three days in the fridge. 

Happy sipping! 

Want to learn more about making medicine and herbs? In my next virtual herbal class we are going to go over the basics of tincture making and talk about using gentian and other herbs for healthy digestion. Check out my Virtual Herbal Exploratory Series for more information.

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