Herbs to help you when traveling: for both adults and children


Brand recommendations are at the bottom of the article (with extra attention for formulas for kids).

Here are the top three herbal products I like to bring with me when traveling. 

  1. Bitters – for a lot of people digestion is affected during traveling. Whether it’s because your body goes ‘Whoah where are we, this is not our normal schedule…I’m not sure I feel comfortable pooping’ or because you’re eating food you’re not used to, etc. Bitters help activate the bile in your system which helps with overall digestion and to keep you flowin’. 
  • Dosage thoughts: Normally only taking a few drops to get the bitter taste on your tongue is plenty in a normal situation. However, usually when people travel that’s not enough due to your body off its normal schedule. I recommend trying a couple of drops (30 minutes before you eat) but if that doesn’t help then follow the suggested amount on the bottle. 
  • Kids: Not comfortable using an alcohol based tincture? Find one extracted with glycerin. Usually for kids it won’t have bitters in the title, it will be something more like tummy help or ease or something of that sort. 
  1. Jade Screen – in Chinese Medicine it is used for the immune system and can help you adapt to stress. So if you know you’re going to be around a bunch of sick people or are feeling like you might come down with something, start taking the formula. If you get sick stop taking the formula and switch to more acute immunity herbs instead (think elderberry).
  2. Stress relief formula – travel anxiety is a thing these days. For those who have travel anxiety, get a good formula before your trip and begin it a week in advance. Make it part of your normal routine so you will be more likely to take it during your trip and to help with anticipatory anxiety.
    • Don’t have travel anxiety? I recommend bringing it just in case something stressful happens during the trip. You don’t have to take the formula consistently like if you had anxiety. You take it when you’re most stressed out to help train your nervous system to be calm in stressful situations. 

Brand Recommendations:

I have no affiliation with any herbal or supplement companies. All the brands listed here are ones I personally buy from and recommend clients in my practice to buy from. If you’re in Sacramento, the Co-op will have all of these there. Otherwise I have recommended brands/websites.

Kids in general: Your local co-op will most likely have glycerin extracts (tinctures) if you’re not comfortable using alcohol based tinctures. Avena Botanicals is online and has great glycerin extracts. Mountain Rose has single herb capsules. And Gaia Herbs tends to have formulas in capsules as well. But glycerin extracts is what I recommend most for kids since capsules can be difficult for little ones to take.  

Bitters: You’ll be able to find an alcohol extract just about anywhere. But I like to buy online from HerbPharm, Mountain Rose, Herbalist and Alchemist (David Winston), and Avena Botanicals (Deb Soule). Avena Botanicals has a great glycerin extract for kids called Tummy Ease. There are bitter formulas in capsules but I don’t recommend them since tasting the bitterness is essential. 

Jade Screen: The Sacramento Co-Op has both the version for adults and children. Want to buy online? Plum Flower and Planetary Herbals are well known brands that you can get on Amazon. Planetary Herbals has recommendations for children on their formulas. 

Stress Relief Herbs: Any stress relief formula will do. Tincture or in capsules works great. If you’re buying online popular brands are: Gaia Herbs the website has a whole stress section and you can choose which form you prefer! If you’re looking for tincture: Herbalist and Alchemist, Avena Botanicals (particularly for glycerin extracts instead of alcohol), Herb Pharm and Mountain Rose have great options.

Want to learn more about herbs? Check out my Virtual Herbal Exploratory Series for more information.

*Disclaimer* None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. This article is meant solely for educational purposes. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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