How Reiki helps me transform my sexual trauma. 

I’m winding down teaching my most current Level 2 Reiki training and that always makes me reflect on different parts of my own Reiki journey. 

Reiki, while extremely powerful, is gentle and non invasive in nature. The gentle channeling of qi into the body is so calming making it a wonderful tool for all trauma work.

When I work on transforming my sexual trauma it is one of the first tools I reach for. Being able to work through a memory or an issue and then being able to send myself or the memory itself Reiki is empowering. It allows me to find grounding and calmness in a space where I would’ve felt all over the place, allowing me to create a deeper transformation in myself. To have healthier sexual encounters. To not be so reactive. Everyone has their ups and downs but Reiki is this wonderful tool that helps the downs not be quite as dark. 

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