St36 Acupressure point: why to use it and how to find it.

Stomach 36 is arguably one of the most famous points to give for homework to clients since it is so helpful in increasing life force energy and vibrancy. Here is a list of the most common reasons why I recommend this point:

  • Incredibly grounding
  • Helps you ‘digest’ stressful events
  • Helps your physical digestion
  • Powerful for those who feel totally alone because it helps us connect to our ancestors to help give us strength to move forward
  • Increases energy to muscles 
  • Can help improve skin issues
  • Calming 
  • Helps the body regulate the heartbeat 
  • Helps bring down qi, or energy, that surges upwards – think nausea, vomiting, certain kinds of headaches

To find the point: it is 4 fingers from the bottom of the knee cap (see picture). I have found the easiest way to find it is to have my heel on the ground as I send my toes toward the ceiling. This pops the muscle allowing me to find the tender point (sometimes incredibly tender) around 4 fingers down from my knee cap.

Note: We could spend a whole season talking about Stomach 36 and still not cover everything. This is a significantly abbreviated list for the most common things I use it for in my practice. 

Need more information on how to use Stomach 36 with acupressure? Check out my beginner’s guide to acupressure and alternatives to pressure here

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