Cupping Out the Cold

Here is a quick video and instructions for the homework item of helping the body move out cold I learned from my teacher Acupuncturist Heather Bruce.

You will need:

A glass jar, a coin that covers your navel, a tissue, a match, some oil or lotions.


– Warm the jar and the coin in the lowest setting in the oven

-Take jar and coin out and put the jar against your navel to make sure it doesn’t burn (if too hot wait a couple of minutes and recheck)

-Spread some oil or lotion around the belly button to help seal the jar to the skin

-Put the coin in the center of a tissue with no additives and twist the tissue. Pop off the top of the tissue so you don’t have tons of material

– Place tissue with the coin over the navel (make sure the navel is fully covered the whole time, we do not want essential qi leaving the body, only cold)

– Light the tissue on fire and immediately cover the tissue with the jar to put out the flame. The skin will suction into the cup.

– If it is too much suction hold on to the jar and release some of the air by placing your finger underneath the jar between your skin. Once enough air has been released take your finger out. Don’t worry if it totally comes off, just redo the steps before to put the jar back on. 

-Relax, you can nap, watch TV, read, knit, whatever you want. 

– You can leave the cup on for as long as you have time or until one of three things happens:

  1. You have to pee
  2. You get really hungry
  3. The energy shifts underneath the cup and you can tell it’s time to pull it off. The feeling varies for everyone, but you’ll know. 

If you have any problems don’t hesitate to call or text me at 916.587.6677. 

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