What is the best way to get to know an herb?


The best way to get to know an herb is to grow it! You’ll develop a deep relationship with the plant seeing it in every stage. Being able to harvest your own herbs and then use them at home as medicine is a magical experience. 

However, if you don’t have the space to grow every herb then immerse yourself in them! Take one herb a month and drink it in tea, have a tincture of it, try the flower and/or herbal essence, can you use it as a beauty treatment!? Have fun incorporating the herb into your life and understanding how this herb operates. 

If you want to do this with others check out my monthly virtual herb classes. In the classes we go over how the herb improves your health, different ways to use the herb, how you can use Chinese Medicine theory to improve your health at home, and so much more! Check out more details here.

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